Milestones FIT Sessions

FIT Sessions - Summer ProgramsFor the child who struggles with performing specific functional tasks within their daily routine, speech production or emotional regulation, summer is the perfect time for Family Intensive Therapy.

This high-frequency program focuses on specific, targeted outcomes and includes parental involvement and extensive home programming elements.

Our therapists create a specific plan that addresses or corrects the functional challenge your child is experiencing through frequent, single-disciplined therapy.

The FIT program can be intense – three to four sessions per week, over six to eight weeks, for a total of 30 treatment sessions. There will also be “homework,” which is crucial to a positive family intensive therapy outcome.

“We have seen a dramatic decrease in the amount and length of our daughter’s meltdowns. Her sleep is more consistent, her motor planning has improved greatly, among many other positive changes.” – A FIT parent


Handwriting Intensives

Handwriting Intensives - Summer ProgramsIf your child is struggling with or struggling to learn handwriting, this summer is a great chance for improvement.

Appropriate for children in pre-kindergarten through elementary school with an established hand dominance. Group options may be available if we have children of similar age and skill.

Our handwriting Intensives will use the Handwriting Without Tears© curriculum and will be scheduled as individual occupational therapy sessions 2 to 3 times per week. A physician’s prescription for occupational therapy and a screening or evaluation will be required.

Materials for home practice will need to be purchased. We require homework/practice at home to reinforce what is being learned in the OT sessions.


Bike Riding Intensives

Bike Riding Intensives - Summer ProgramsLearning to ride a bike is a classic rite of passage. For some children, losing those training wheels may be a more difficult process, but the end results will be that much more rewarding.

Milestones Bike Riding Intensives are for children ages 6 or older who want to learn to ride a bicycle independently but have been unsuccessful in the past. These will be scheduled as 30 minute individual physical therapy sessions three times per week.

A physician’s prescription for physical therapy will be necessary,and a screening or evaluation may
be required. Parents will need to provide the child’s bicycle and helmet, and will be asked to practice with the child at home.

To learn more about our Summer Intensive Programs, please contact us at 630-792-1800


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Physical Therapy

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Feeding Therapy

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