Community & Contractual Services

for Pediatric Therapy, Downers Grove


Not only are the therapists at Milestones committed to providing top-quality pediatric therapy to our clients, we also give back to the community by:

  • Performing free developmental screenings:
    • Milestones therapists will screen children 6 months to 5 years of age, free of charge.
    • The screenings asses a child’s accomplishments relative to developmental milestones and can assist in determining if further evaluations are needed in one or more area.
    • Our screenings are performed by a child development specialist, so parents have an opportunity to ask questions about their child’s individual development and gain valuable information.
  • Speaking/presenting at support groups, parent groups and other professional organizations to share their knowledge and address questions from members. 
  • Participating in various community fund raising efforts for special needs groups.
  • Working with physicians and insurance groups to increase the understanding and rationale for therapy services.

To learn more about the pediatric therapy services Milestones can provide to your organization, contact us today.

Free Screenings
For Children from birth to 5 years of age


Community Service
Milestones provides pediatric occupational therapy, pediatric speech therapy and pediatric physical therapy services to schools, park districts and clinics on a contractual basis in the suburban Chicago area. Contract opportunities exist for:

  • School settings (public or private)
  • Maternity leave coverage
  • Clinic settings

Whether it’s a long-term or temporary position, contact us today to discuss your situation and how we can assist. Our outstanding pediatric therapists are ready to acclimate to any setting and become a valuable part of your team.

Speech / Language Therapy

Speech/language therapy helps children develop the skills to effectively interact and communicate with the world around them. Learn More

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy helps children develop the skills to be successful during play, socialization, activities of daily living, and learning experiences. Learn More

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy helps children gain critical skills related to independent mobility and gross motor functioning. Learn More

Feeding Therapy

Milestones occupational therapists and speech therapists are skilled at working with children who have a variety of feeding challenges. Learn More


Neurofeedback is a type of brain training therapy that has proven to be a very successful intervention for adults and children with a variety of different symptoms and disorders. Learn More

Social Skills Groups

Social Skills Groups help children build relationships with peers and develop important social pragmatic skills.
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