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Downers Grove, IL

Milestones is devoted to assisting children with unique needs and challenges attain their fullest potential in life. We believe one of the most vital ways to help children achieve their full potential is to team up with parents, family members and other professionals to provide ongoing education and support.

We recognize that when parents and families have greater knowledge, a wide range of resources, are caring for themselves and are connected to other families, their children benefit. Family support is crucial.

Family Support & Pediatric CounselingSocial Work 

Our Approach

Our highly skilled social workers can create a customized care plan for you, your child or your family that addresses multiple aspects of your experience.  A care plan might include individual counseling sessions with you or your child, co-treatment sessions with the child’s other therapists and hands-on coaching of parents during their child’s therapy sessions. We take pride in partnering with caregivers on strategies to understand and work with their child’s sensory, behavioral and emotional responsiveness, with the goal of transferring the positive interactions experienced in therapy to their home environment.


Who is a Candidate?

We invite any of our clients to meet with our social workers if they feel they could benefit from support or counseling. Our highly trained social workers have experience working with children and families that encounter multiple challenges including anxiety, behavioral concerns, sensory processing disorder, autism and those with complex medical issues. We use many different techniques in our work with children and families including psychoeducation, social skills training, experiential and/or body-centered modalities, social stories, positive behavior management, emotional recognition/regulation techniques, relationship building, care team collaboration and resource linkage. 

Free Screenings
For Children from birth to 5 years of age

Support Groups

Periodically, we provide groups for family support and education. The groups are intended to provide information on a wide array of subjects related to child development and for family members to share their experiences and concerns with peers.

To learn more about how Milestones’ can additionally support your family, contact us today.

Speech / Language Therapy

Speech/language therapy helps children develop the skills to effectively interact and communicate with the world around them. Learn More

Occupational Therapy

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Physical Therapy

Physical therapy helps children gain critical skills related to independent mobility and gross motor functioning. Learn More

Feeding Therapy

Milestones occupational therapists and speech therapists are skilled at working with children who have a variety of feeding challenges. Learn More


Neurofeedback is a type of brain training therapy that has proven to be a very successful intervention for adults and children with a variety of different symptoms and disorders. Learn More

Social Skills Groups

Social Skills Groups help children build relationships with peers and develop important social pragmatic skills.
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