Why Choose Us

At Milestones, we specialize in pediatric intervention and strive every day to create a caring environment that is inspirational to our clients and their families. Milestones is therapist–owned and family-oriented. You will quickly discover that we are passionate about our work

With our inter-disciplinary approach, your child will be evaluated and cared for by our highly trained pediatric occupational therapists, pediatric physical therapists, pediatric speech-language therapists and holistic practitioners. 

Milestones’ staff members have extensive experience working with children with a wide variety of medical and developmental challenges. Our treatment approach is state-of-the-art through continuing education and training. Unlike many other practices, we offer treatment in nearly every specialized pediatric intervention method, all under one roof, including:

Milestones for Kids


Free Screenings
For Children from birth to 5 years of age

Our Facility

Our facility is comprised of over 5,600 square footage of space designed to provide  customized care and serve as an inviting, nurturing environment for our clients and and their families.

Whether children are climbing the rock wall, maneuvering through an obstacle course or suspending themselves on any of the numerous swings, they are being challenged in ways that make hard work seem fun!

At Milestones we have multiple treatment areas designed specifically for different skill sets including four state-of-the-art gyms, an arts Facilities and crafts area that allows for fine motor and sensory activities using a wide array of media, a quiet/low-stimulation area, a room devoted to feeding activities, three speech and language treatment rooms and a space devoted to conducting assessments.

In addition to providing an outstanding facility for our clients, Milestones offers comfort and convenience for the families we serve. We have a siblings room filled with activities and one-way windows in every room, allowing parents to observe treatment sessions discreetly. 

Our unique and friendly facility offers endless challenges to a child’s sensorimotor skills by providing the right activities and therapy equipment customized to fit your child’s individual needs. Tours are available and encouraged for families interested in Milestones. Please contact us to plan a visit soon. 

Milestones for KidsMilestones for KidsMilestones for Kids

Speech / Language Therapy

Speech/language therapy helps children develop the skills to effectively interact and communicate with the world around them. Learn More

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy helps children develop the skills to be successful during play, socialization, activities of daily living, and learning experiences. Learn More

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy helps children gain critical skills related to independent mobility and gross motor functioning. Learn More

Feeding Therapy

Milestones for Kids occupational therapists and speech therapists are skilled at working with children who have a variety of feeding challenges. Learn More


Neurofeedback is a type of brain training therapy that has proven to be a very successful intervention for adults and children with a variety of different symptoms and disorders. Learn More

Social Skills Groups

Social Skills Groups help children build relationships with peers and develop important social pragmatic skills.
Learn More

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