Clinical Social Workers Broaden Services to Families

March 22, 2018

March Is National Social Work Month!

Here at Milestones–For Kids’ Success in Downers Grove, Illinois, we are privileged to have three clinical social workers on staff: Brittany Wilkie, Rebecca Doyle and Sarah Rosenburg (in photo, from left to right). These highly trained social workers have experience working with families and children who encounter multiple challenges, such as anxiety, behavior concerns, sensory processing disorder and autism, as well as those with complex medical issues.

Our social workers use many techniques in their work with families. They also educate parents on their child’s unique needs and provide resources to support them in building strong connections with their child. Lead Therapist Rebecca Doyle is trained and experienced in an approach called trauma-informed care, which she integrates into her therapy sessions to help the children and families that come to Milestones.

Trauma-Informed Care an Approach to Strengthen Families

“Trauma-informed care refers to a theoretical framework that considers how our experiences shape the way our brains and bodies work together,” says Rebecca. “Trauma-informed clinicians are particularly interested in exploring the elements of attunement and attachment a person experiences with the people in his/her life, and within his/her environment. We use this lens to help us understand a client’s strengths as well as challenges, and it guides us in how we might begin to help them in therapy.” 

Rebecca notes that the word “trauma” does not necessarily refer to what we typically think of as traumatic (i.e., an acute event such as a car accident, medical episode, personal assault, etc.). Developmental trauma can emerge when a person has a chronic experience of disconnection or misattunement over time. 

“Mismatching experiences happen in our lives every day,” adds Rebecca. “There are many things that might complicate our ability to accurately assess and meet the needs of our children at any given time. Children experiencing sensory challenges may have a harder time communicating their needs to parents and, in turn, parents may have a harder time connecting with their children. Over time, this disrupted cycle of interaction can further impact the child’s sensory regulation and ability to connect.”      

Rebecca works directly with our families in counseling sessions to help parents accurately read their child’s needs and respond to them in a helpful way. “The stronger the connections are between the parent and child, the better functioning the child’s sensory system is going to be,” Rebecca notes. “Parents and children co-regulate each other. Understanding and working with that dynamic is critical to success in therapy and in everyday life.”

Social Work Services on a Growth Trajectory

Our clinical social workers have made a powerful contribution to the therapy services we offer at Milestones. In just a year and a half, our social work staff has grown from one therapist to three (Rebecca was the first to join us, in summer 2016. Brittany and Sarah joined us in the last six months). If you would like information on connecting with a clinical social worker at Milestones for an initial assessment, please contact our office in Downers Grove, Illinois, at 630-792-1800.

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