Family Intensive Therapy (FIT)

Downers Grove, IL

Do you struggle with your child in specific situations throughout your daily routine? Do you feel like your child needs more assistance when it comes to emotional regulation, speech production or specific functional tasks like learning to ride a bike, mastering activities of daily living or feeding skills? If so, it may be time to consider Family Intensive Therapy (FIT), a high-frequency, therapy program focused on specific, targeted outcomes that include parental involvement and extensive home programming elements.

How Does Family Intensive Therapy Work?

Milestones’ dedicated therapists create a specific plan that addresses or corrects the functional challenge your child is experiencing through frequent, single-disciplined therapy. The program can be intense and because of this, dramatic behavioral changes can occur in a shorter period of time.

What Are the Details?

Your family needs to be ready to commit the time and energy needed for the process. FIT involves a high frequency of therapy work, so count on three to four sessions per week, for six to eight weeks, for a total of 30 treatment sessions.

There will also be “homework,” which is crucial to a positive family intensive therapy outcome. Our staff will make recommendations of activities or tasks to work on at home to help your child meet their functional goals. For example, children receiving occupational therapy may have a listening therapy program at home or follow specific sensory diet recommendations. Physical and speech therapy clients might have muscle strengthening exercises, skill practicing in the community, or assignments to practice sounds and sound blends.

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Why Is FIT successful?

Research shows that intensive therapy translates into faster and more long-lasting changes. Family intensive therapy works very well for children with a number of different sensory, motor, behavioral and functional issues because they have more frequent opportunities for success, which increases their confidence and self-esteem.

FIT may also be a better utilization of time and financial resources to shorten overall therapy.

Learn more about Milestones’ family intensive therapy and to schedule an evaluation for your child, contact us today. If you are an existing Milestones’ family, feel free to discuss the appropriateness of this program for your child with their therapist.

Parent Endorsement

“Since my daughter was an infant, she would really struggle to get through each day. It has been a challenge for both her and our family. Between having trouble with transitioning, sleeping, coping with touch and delayed motor planning among many other things, Taylor would become very frustrated and angry. She would have anger rages that could last over an hour, sometimes a few a day.

Taylor just completed an occupational therapy FIT program at Milestones…We have seen a dramatic decrease in the amount and length of her meltdowns. Her sleep is more consistent, her motor planning has improved greatly, among many other positive changes.

We are working on using the tools Milestones gave us to help her become more regulated and able to enjoy the world around her. I would recommend Milestones and their intensive therapy program to anyone who has a child that is struggling; it can truly change their life.”

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