Feeding Therapy

Downers Grove, IL

At Milestones, our occupational and speech therapists have vast training and experience when it comes to feeding therapies and working with children who have a variety of feeding challenges. 

Our Approach

We incorporate the SOS (Sequential Oral Sensory) approach as well as oral motor and sensory experiences into our therapy sessions.

Sensorimotor activities have an organizing effect and prepare children for the challenges of exploring various tastes, textures, and temperatures of foods. Oral motor activities prepare the muscles for eating. Therapy snacks are designed specifically for the child and include a variety of foods that ensure success to ease transitions to non-preferred foods.

Milestones’ therapists work closely with families to help them learn and understand how to approach feeding with their child to ensure successful eating at home on a daily basis.

Who Is a Candidate?

General indicators that a child may benefit from pediatric feeding therapy include:

  • Ongoing poor weight gain (rate re: percentiles falling) or weight loss
  • Ongoing choking, gagging, or coughing during meals
  • More than one incidence of nasal reflux
  • History of a traumatic choking incident
  • History of eating and breathing coordination problems with ongoing respiratory issues
  • Inability to transition to baby food purees by 10 months of age
  • Inability to accept any table food solids by 12 months of age
  • Has not weaned off baby foods by 16 months of age
  • Aversion to or avoidance of all foods in a specific texture or nutrition group
  • Food range of less than 20 foods, especially if foods are being dropped over time with no new foods replacing those lost
  • Infant crying and/or arching at most meals
  • Family is fighting about food; meals are battles
  • Parent history of an eating disorder with a child not meeting weight goals

To learn more about Milestones’ pediatric feeding therapy, contact us today.

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