Social Skills Groups

Downers Grove, IL

Milestones offers Social Skills Groups to children in the community that have unique sensory, speech, social-emotional or physical needs. Children do not need to be receiving other therapy services from Milestones to participate. This opportunity helps even young children strengthen the relational skills needed to navigate social situations in everyday life.

Our Approach

Our Social Skills Groups help children develop an awareness of the basic building blocks of social connection. Through play-based activities, such as stories, games, and songs, each child is given the opportunity to practice skills with peers.

Each Social Skills Group targets opportunities for the child to:

  • Engage with peers
  • Identify and attend to thoughts and feelings
  • Listen with the whole body
  • Be flexible in thinking
  • Participate in a group plan
  • Adjust behaviors in response to others

Who Is a Candidate?

Children of various personality types and abilities participate in our groups, and we adjust our activities to the unique needs of each child. We offer groups at two levels: one for preschool and kindergarten and one for elementary through middle school. Each group meets once a week (usually 5:30-6:30 p.m.) over an eight-week period. Groups are scheduled at various times during the year. 

To learn more about Milestones’ Social Skills Groups and express your interest, contact us today. 

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